5 Easiest Ways to Lose Weight In the Swimming Pool

Aquatic activities are great options for losing weight if you are not interested in the gym or can’t do heavy workouts due to joint pain. It is also good for asthma patients.

If you are overweight and out of shape, water supports some of your weight by reducing the effects of gravity pressure. Aquatic exercises help people with joint infections or injuries and surgery by shortening recovery time and helping to heal faster.

The aquatic workouts could treat chronic conditions such as Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Water provides resistance which boosts cardio intensity and strengthens muscles.


Among all these incredible reasons to include aquatic workouts in your fitness routine. You’ll also find the following benefits in the aquatic area.

  • Unlike dehydration, overheating, and heat stroke, aquatic workouts are great for those in hot climates.
  • Aquatic exercise can help you to improve muscle tone and build more muscle by increasing microcirculation.
  • You are burning plenty of fats without damaging your body by reducing the impact of exercise.
  • Aquatic workouts are not just great for weight loss; they are also powerful recovery tools for injuries.

This article will help you to learn the five easiest swimming pool activities for tuning, slimming, and strengthening your heart.

Best swimming pool activities for weight loss

Many community recreation centers and gyms offer aquatic aerobic practice classes. But if you are not interested to attend those classes, add these easiest activities to your pool jogging routine. With these activities, you cannot only tone your stomach but can also enjoy our tips in the pool.

1-Bicycle movement

One of the best aquatic workouts is the bicycle. To get started and set up, it needs a little imagination. You will do this in the pool while standing at a depth where the water touches your chest.

First, it begins by laying back toward the pool’s side, facing its interior. Put your elbows on the deck to stabilize your body and bend your arms.

With straight legs, start bending your knees to pedal an imaginary bicycle. Perform this workout until you are exhausted. Rest for 3 minutes, once you feel exhausted, and then repeat 10 times.

Like many aquatic activities, the bicycle workout offers more than one benefit. In addition to helping you lose weight, strengthen and tone your legs, shoulders, and core.

2- The Waterproof Ball

One of the best pool activities for beginners, the ball allows you to lose weight and strengthen your core.

To perform this activity, you need an inflated waterproof ball having a diameter of 20 inches. A beach ball is a perfect choice for this workout.

Enter the pool with the waterproof ball and stand up straight in the pool, so the water touches your chest. Raise your legs so that it makes 90 degrees. Maintaining your upright upper body, keep your right foot about 30 centimeters in front of your left knee.

Hold the ball with both hands with slightly bent arms and put it just above your belly.

Stand in the same position for approximately 30 seconds and repeat this position 5 times by switching legs for 10 reps.

3- Jumping

Jumping is one of the easiest pool activities to burn fats and strengthen leg and core muscles.

Perform the activity going to the shallow end of the water. Start bending your knees, lifting your legs, and bringing both knees to your chest.

Use your core and arms to stabilize yourself in the pool and keep your torso upright.

4- Flutter kicks: Pool plank

Flutter kicks are extremely beneficial Pool activities for weight loss.

Hold the noodles near your chest using both hands to perform this workout. Then using flutter kicks, push your feet off to the pool bottom and allow your legs to float upward to the water surface behind you.

To hold the plank position, engage your abs and core. When it is required to remain horizontal, use only flatter kicks.

This activity improves your flexibility and posture. Enjoying multiple muscles simultaneously will also help you burn 2 to 5 calories in minutes.

5-Fly backs

Flyback improves posture by working the muscles of the back, upper chest, and arms.

Open your arms straight out in front of you at chest height; finger extended, palm touching, and thumps up. Bend your right knee and extend your left leg straight behind you in the pool.

Important safety tips for pool activities

  • Don’t do workouts in the overheated swimming pool.
  • Use flotation devices for deep water activities if you’re not an expert swimmer.
  • Don’t dive deeper than Waist high.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water before and after aquatic workouts.
  • Use webbed gloves and water shoes to add intensity and resistance to arm movement and improve traction.
  • Stop doing workouts if you feel dizzy light-headed, and weak.
  • Morning is the best time for doing aquatic activities.
  • Take a balanced diet to meet the energy requirements of an aquatic workout.
  • Take a rest of 2 to 3 days a week after 5 consecutive working days.

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Aquatic workouts improve your sleep, boost your mood, help manage stress and safe during pregnancy, and are affordable. Pool activities are an effective way of losing weight, boosting your cardio fitness, and strengthening the major core muscles in your body. 

Pool workouts are ideal for everyone, including those with joint problems or injuries and those with trouble with their body posture. These easy pool activities are not only good options for people with asthma but also appropriate for pregnant women.

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