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Best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl liner

If you already have a vinyl liner or are trying to install a new one, you should know all about vinyl liner pools. I want to visit the best pool vacuums for vinyl pools. Even if this topic is not interesting, this question will come to your mind the next time you change the liner. Not everyone can own a pool. By spending a lot of money, you became the collection owner and took proper care of the pool.

If the vinyl pool gets dirty, you will need a cleaner. Debris grows, leaves fall to the ground, floats in the air, and fill the pool. However, you should know that the pool cleaner is not responsible for damaging the vinyl pool liner or floor. To protect your pool liner and clean your pool, I made a list of the best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl liners. It also includes a buyer’s Guide to help you understand the buying process, even if you’ve never used a vinyl liner pool cleaner before.


List of best robotic pool cleaners for a vinyl liner in 2021

9.4/10 Our Score


This is one of the best vinyl pool cleaners on the market today. In addition to cleaning the pool floor, this cleaner has enough use for climbing walls and cleaning them. Its smart technology tracks where you go to maximize the cleanliness of your pool. The oversized leaf bag contains three cleaning accessories, including a standard cartridge for pools that require proper cleaning and a microfilter ideal for keeping the pool at its highest cleanliness level.

This also includes a smart control with a weekly timer, so you don’t have to remember to set the cleaning. It also comes with a tangle-free spinner, so you don’t go home and realize the robot is stuck in a corner and not working. This model works very well but is the most expensive model on the list. It’s not suitable for all pool owners due to its high price point, but if you want the best, this is the model.

  • Floors and walls should be cleaned
  • With different cleaning methods
  • Based on smart control
  • Swivel that eliminates tangles
  • Expensive.


9.4/10 Our Score


The Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is a hassle-free device that every pool owner should not consider owning. In just two hours, you will have a completely clean pool. Suitable for 33 meters high pool.


This pool liner vacuum blower features an enviable ease-of-use design. It has a quick water drain function that helps drain the water in the pool faster.

Like most Dolphin products, it uses little energy while performing unmatched excellence. It only uses an average operating cost of 5 cents an hour. So you don’t have to spend a fortune to clean the pool.

This robotic pool cleaner climbs the pool’s walls to clean and filter the dirt. Meanwhile, it works well on any pool surface. You can use all three configuration features to schedule cleaning times automatically.

  • Schedule for weekly cleaning
  • Suction motor for powerful cleaning
  • Low energy consumption
  • Design with three settings
  • The cable is not anti-tangle


9.4/10 Our Score


This is an automatic pool cleaner with pattern motion cleaning technology. This is a vacuum cleaner. Both Hayward Gnite and Vinyl are active in the pool.

Aquapilot technology has been added to the Hayward Pool Cleaner, allowing this cleaner to quickly and efficiently clean the pool. All pools are pre-programmed with the steering wheel to clean and clean pools.

The installation process of this vinyl pool vacuum cleaner is simple. No additional boosters or other accessories are required to perform the filtration process. Advanced turbine technology quickly removes all debris and other debris from the pool, making the process extremely simple and hassle-free.

Pool VAC XL is easy to use. It can be attached to a vacuum line or scraper in just 4-10 minutes. The Hayward vacuum will start working as soon as the pump is turned on and will clean all pools.

  • Easily and quickly installed.
  • Steering wheel pre-programmed
  • Easy to use
  • With built-in aquapilot
  • for a very smooth operation.
  • No additional equipment is needed.
  • Cleaning a 40 feet pool area takes 3-4 hours.


9.4/10 Our Score


The Polaris F9450 is one of the most efficient cleaners on our list. The vacuum is up to four times more effective than in similar models and provides a cleaner pool in less time. This model can also cleanly scrub both the walls and bottom of the pool, so you don’t have to fix the stains by hand. An exclusive feature of this machine is its waterline-only mode. This mod runs this model along the waterline. The worst part about most pools is that many robot pool cleaners have difficulty reaching them.

The vacuum for the pool liner is highly programmable. Since it can be set in 7-day cycles, multiple cleanings can be performed per week. The only problem is that fine stains are not good. In some places, it doesn’t matter. You will also have to spend the extra money to get a fine dirt filter to clean the pool elsewhere. Overall, this is a great model and might be the first place when a finder filter is included.

  • Effective cleaning
  • involves scrubbing floors and walls
  • seven days a week
  • using only water
  • Fine dirt is not ideal.


9.4/10 Our Score


The Aquabot Breeze IQ is reasonably priced, but some serious issues limit its value compared to its competitors. Like the other models, you can clean the pool floor, but it also comes with a truck that lets you climb and clean the walls. It also comes with a 60-foot cable, about 10 feet longer than most included cables. Aquabot also manufactures some of the best filters on the market. Pores are as small as 2 microns, large enough to trap pollen, dust, dandruff, and bacteria.

But the Breeze IQ isn’t cheap, so most people want it to last at least a few years. Unfortunately, this model tends to last less than a year. Most of the time, I don’t survive the winter. This addresses a wide variety of design and manufacturing issues. Despite being advertised as “no entanglement,” the code is often cluttered, so if you’re looking for a stand-alone model with no tracking, this will disappoint you similarly if you are looking for a long-lasting model.

  • Cleans the walls and floors
  • With long cables
  • Have good filters
  • Save energy
  • Quick cleaning method
  • Durability is poor
  • Cord tangles



6- Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner


The Dolphin Escape Robot Floor Pool Cleaner is another magic wand in the form of a pool cleaner. It’s not just sophisticated. It also works mysteriously.


The active scrub brush removes algae and other deposits that may be present in the pool, leaving a clean, glossy vinyl wall.


It has a low-voltage DC motor that helps save energy by using approximately 90% less power than previous technologies. You may see pool cleaners using up to 1800 watts of power, but Escape Robot says it only needs about 180 watts to operate.


This pool cleaner uses rubber trucks as opposed to traditional wheels. Because of this, slipping is greatly reduced. The massive top-loading filter cartridge helps absorb any size of debris.


Its advanced technology also features smart controls for easy operation and navigation to specific areas of your choice.









9.4/10 Our Score


Dolphin Quantum Auto Cleaner is the best pool cleaner on the market. The ultra-fine filtration process removes even the smallest blemishes. Even things invisible to the naked eye can be cleaned in the fastest way. The Dolphin Quantum Automatic process can wash the pool in just 2 hours.

This best vinyl pool cleaner is highly respected for its most popular and advanced services. Since its launch in 2017, the number of users has grown steadily. It is used to power the Power Jet 3D mobility system, an improved power flow from most pool cleaners on the market. Hypergrip continuous tracking and snap-lock filtering technology are also used.

The ease of cleaning the pool is unmatched. This handy cleaner weighs about 30 pounds. You don’t need a caddy to carry this lightweight underground vinyl pool cleaner. However, it is compatible with the manufacturer’s caddy. However, there is an additional charge to bring a caddy.

It clings to the floor and walls and immediately begins to rub. Quantum can clean the pool in a vertical climbing process. It is several times more energy-efficient than other suction pool cleaners. No need to pump.

  • Super Ultra Energy Saving
  • Dual brush for cleaning
  • Automatic pool cleaners
  • Equally active
  • Expensive.



Buying Guide when on best pool vacuum for vinyl liner

When choosing a pool cleaner for your vinyl liner, we recommend considering the following features that will help you get the best robot vacuum for your swimming pool:

Suction Power

The cleanliness of swimming largely depends on the suction power of the robot pool cleaner. You should pay attention to this feature and look for anything over 60 gallons per minute or 3,600 gallons per hour. This is because it is considered appropriate.

The higher the number, the stronger and cleaner it is. A low GPH means you have a less powerful machine that may not clean the vinyl pool properly.

Pool Type Compatibility

The first and most crucial feature of robot pool cleaners is whether they are made of vinyl liners. Robot vacuums made for concrete surfaces cannot be used unless the manufacturer states that they can be used in vinyl pools.

Automatic Saving

Owning a robot pool cleaner is very convenient as you must do the cleaning yourself or pay someone. Of course, you still need to open it and instruct it to work.

This is true as long as some models don’t have automatic settings. These robot pool cleaners are pre-programmable. The top model can be programmed differently for each day of the week to schedule a full clean on the days you know you won’t be using the pool and do a touch clean on the days you expect to use the pool. This way you can maintain a high level of cleanliness without forgetting to run a pool cleaner.

Low-end models can be set to automatically clean once a week, giving you less control over the cleaning schedule.

Pool Size

If you have a larger pool, you may think you need a more powerful robot pool cleaner. More powerful models indeed run faster, but that doesn’t benefit larger pools.

Instead, the main limiting factor for robot pool cleaners is the length of the power cord. The shorter the cord, the smaller the pool. However, the relationship is not linear. This means that removing one foot from the cord removes more than a foot of the pool area from the cleaning zone.

Think of the cleaning zone of a robot pool cleaner as a sphere. If the base station to which the power cable is connected is at the center of the sphere, the farthest point the cable can reach is equal to the sphere’s radius. The relationship between the sphere’s radius and the volume or potential clearing area of ​​the sphere is a cube.

For example, a pool cleaner with a cord radius can clean a spherical pool of approximately 392,700 cubic feet. A cable that is 10 feet shorter or 40 feet long can only clean a 201,000 cubic foot pool. The cleaning area is reduced by approximately 50%, although the cable length is reduced by 20%.

Of course, the pool is not a sphere, but the calculations remain the same, because the rope’s length and the area that the robot’s pool cleaner can clean remains exponential.

Easy to use

Robot vacuum cleaners shouldn’t be too difficult to set up and use. An important reason to purchase this type of pool cleaner is that you don’t have time to clean the pool on your own. Installing your pool cleaner may take a bit of time, so you may be better off finding a better alternative to it.

When choosing a robot vacuum, consider the design as well. Some pool cleaner models are bulky and heavy, just like a regular vacuum cleaner. You should find a mild pool cleaner. In this way, there is no harm in throwing it into the pool and pulling the same machine out of the pool after cleaning it.



What are the differences between vinyl pools and pool cleaners?


A wide range of pool cleaners is available, but vinyl pool cleaners must have specific properties that protect the vinyl liner. For example, pool cleaners designed for rough surfaces may have strong cleaning properties, but this is not necessarily a primary concern for vinyl pools. The robot pool cleaner should be suitable and designed to handle more delicate surfaces like vinyl pools.

Where Would You Like to Clean?

Some vinyl pool cleaners only clean the surface of the pool. Others clean walls, bays, and floors.

Then find others who clean all corners, walls, floors, water lines, and various pool sections.

The latest models rub even a tough mess. You should consider a model that works well when cleaning the pool.

Buying Tips!

  1. Robotic pool cleaners with more features are better but cost more.
  2. Look for models with good value.
  3. Make sure that you opt for a type that excels in the areas of your pool that require more attention.


What is the best way to remove brown stains from vinyl pool liners?

The brown spots on the pool’s vinyl liner are mostly iron. Later they turn reddish-brown; the metal parts usually cause these rusty spots on the lining.

First, find out what causes the brown spots and what metal the scratches are from, as the pool looks awful. If you notice the brown spots coming from the metal, use metal scissors to remove the area. You can also clean it with a clean cloth. Also, regularly watch out for rust on the ladder.


Dolphin Premier Robotic is our favorite robot pool cleaner, with multiple cleaning features, smart controls, and tangled spines. The Polaris F9450 comes with efficient cleaning, a 7-day programmable cycle, and a waterline-only cleaning mode, but it is not superior due to its inefficiency due to fine dirt. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is easy to use and has a 2-year warranty. Its price is so great that it’s the best overall model for the money on our list.

The Aquabot Breeze IQ  is the best pool vacuum for vinyl liners, but it is expensive and comes with a long cord and a good filter; it’s less durable, and the wires are tangled, making it costly in some places on the list. 

Our reviews and buying guides should have helped you learn about the best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl liners. You should use this information to find a suitable model for you at a great price.

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